Financial Abuse of Vulnerable Persons - Basics

Financial abuse of a vulnerable person can take many forms, ranging from the siphoning of money from a victim's bank account to questionable property transfers. A vulnerable person is defined as a person 65 years of age or older, an incapacitated or financially incapable person, or a person with a disability if that disability makes the person vulnerable to coercion, duress, or improper influence. Often an abuser has established a close and confidential relationship with the victim. The abuser may even have a power of attorney endorsed by the victim. Many times the victim does not even realize that his or her property has been taken and it takes another family member or concerned professional to recognize the abuse.

How We Can Help

Oregon's statute governing financial abuse of vulnerable persons is a powerful tool to remedy financial abuse. Successful prosecution of a financial abuse case may result in an award of damages equal to three times the value of the property taken and the payment of the victim's attorneys' fees and costs. Conversely, because the statute provides such powerful remedies, someone wrongly accused of financial abuse needs especially skillful and vigorous defense. Cartwright Baer Johansson PC is experienced in prosecuting and defending elder financial abuse cases.

Immediate Help

If you suspect that someone may be the victim of elder abuse you should notify your local DHS Area Agency on Aging (AAA). You may also report abuse to the Oregon state DHS at 1-800-232-3020. In an emergency, call 911.